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Pre-1985 Opinions

Opinions Decided Under the Canons of Professional Ethics

000001 Conflict of Interest (Lawyer's Own Interests); Appearance of Impropriety (Position as Public Defender)
000002 Confidentiality (Preservation)
000003 Fees (Payment by Credit Card, Charging Interest On)
000004 Fees (Minimum Fee Schedule); Rules Governing Professional Conduct; Firm Name (Including Deceased Partner)
000005 Advertising
000006 Appearance of Impropriety (Use of Information in Private Practice Obtained as Prosecutor)
000007 Handling Civil Claim from Facts on Which Previously Prosecuted Defendant
000008 Unauthorized Practice (Duty to Prevent, Corporate Appearance Pro Se in Administrative Proceeding)
000009 Paralegals (Guidelines for Activity)
000010 Conflict of Interest (Representing Both Parties in Divorce)
000011 Fees (Contingent Fee Prohibited in Divorce)
000012 Public/Private (Out of County Defense By Prosecutor or Partner)
000013 Conflict of Interest (Former Client); Confidentiality (Appearance of Impropriety)
000014 Advertising (Authoring Newspaper Column)
000015 Advertising (Yellow Page Listing of Specialization)
000016 Appearance of Impropriety, Conflict of Interest (Multiple Representation); Zealous Representation
000017 Advertising (Dual Practice of Law and Real Estate)
000018 Public/Private Representation (Disclosure of Part-Time Public Employment)
000019 Conflict of Interest (Client Consent)
000020 Group Legal Services (ASUM)
000021 Appearance of Impropriety, Conflict of Interest (Lawyer as Witness in Contingent Fee Case)


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