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To administer the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection pursuant to rules approved by the Board of Trustees (see Article XI, By-Laws of the State Bar of Montana.)


Report to the Board of Trustees at each quarterly meeting, including reports on status of the bank overdraft notification program.  Meet as necessary to process applications or to conduct other business.


Trust Account Manual (2012)

Notice to Financial Institution - Set-Up Form
IOLTA Trust Accounts Maintenance and Audit Requirements 
Trust Account Overdraft Notification (12/01/92)

Approved financial institutions from Montana Justice Foundation




    Carl Mendenhall


   Rich Batterman

    Melissa Broch

    Cori Cook

    Marcia Davenport

    Elizabeth Kaleva

    Thomas Keegan

    Robert Minto, Jr.

    Jayne Mitchell

    Bob Pfennigs

    Douglas Smith

    Mike Wheat


    Tom Keegan


   Sarah Moeller
   (406) 447-2202



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