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To provide public information and education on the importance of the rule of law in a civilized society, the legal rights and responsibilities of an individual and the workings of the legal system.


To provide public information and education on the importance of the rule of law in a civilized society, the legal rights and responsibilities of an individual and the workings of the legal system. To this end, the Committee will:
1. Support and maintain the Law-Related Education Center. The Law-Related Education Center's purpose includes:
        a. To coordinate law-related education events such as Law Day;
        b. To produce original educational materials to inform Montanans about the legal system, such as The Montana Citizen's Guide to the Courts and The Montana Student's Guide to Turning 18;
        c. To make law-related education curriculum materials and other teaching resources available to educators;
        d. To facilitate educational outreach by legal professionals who wish to improve Montanans’ understanding of the rule of law, the role of attorneys and the judiciary;
        e. To distribute educational materials and disseminate information about law-related education activities and opportunities through the State Bar;
        f. To appear, when possible, at state and local education association meetings and conventions to promote law-related education;
        g. To support youth programs and other civic/legal education activities; and
        h. To foster statewide cooperation among all those involved with law-related education.
2. Provide resources to conduct and assist with the implementation of the Law School for Legislators held in conjunction with each session of the Legislature, in cooperation with the leadership of the House, Senate, Legislative Services Division, Bar membership, and the Law School.
3. Promote internet-based Montana legal resources.

Public Legal Help: The Law-Related Education Committee has also created Bar brochures for the public pertaining to legal issues that commonly affect them. Thirteen such brochures are now offered in print form and on the Bar web site. These topics include:

A Client's Bill of Rights
Avoiding Grief with a Lawyer
Dispute Resolution
Dissolution of Marriage in Montana
Estate Planning
Getting Military Health & Education Records
Going it Alone - Representing Yourself
How Lawyers Set Their Fees

Living Trust Scams
Purchasing Your Home
Reclaiming Exempt Funds
Renting a House or Apartment

Service of Process
Small Claims Court
When You Need a Lawyer
What To Do in Case of An Auto Accident
Wills and Probate








Brenda Wahler
(406) 449-2060


Kara Thompson
(406) 444-2778 and (406) 289-0441


Kimberly Dudik, Missoula
Tom Ebzery, Billings
Gale Gustafson, Conrad
Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson, Missoula
Jennifer Lutey, Missoula

Sarah Norcott, Helena
Molly Reader, Bozeman 
Joseph Sullivan, Great Falls
Helen Thigpen, Helena

Board of Trustees Liaision

Leslie Halligan
(406) 258-3461

Contact Information

Peter Nowakowski,
State Bar of Montana
(406) 447-2202


For educational materials please check out the Law-Related Education Center site run by the Law-Related Education Committee, which provides access to a wealth of materials and connections to better enhance the educational experience in the classroom or at your next public event.




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