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Ethics and Elder Law Part I and Part II -- All Ethics, Nothing But Ethics (2013)

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Part I:

1. What is "Elder Law"?
2. HB 374 (20 1 1): New Uniform Power of Attorney Act
3. Advanced Care Directives, aka Health Care Powers of Attorney
4. Working with Elder Clients
5. Who is your client? Who retained you? What are the Ethical Rules?
6. Circumstances influencing "Capacity" in elders
7. Legal Capacity: the ability to understand and sign a valid document
8. Undue Influence
9. Model Rule 1.14: dealing with clients with diminished capacity
10. Signs of Dementia: duties of the practitioner


Part II:

1 . Guardianship & Conservatorship by Montana Statute
2 . The Initial Interview
3 . The Parties
4 . Priority of Appointment
5 . Engagement
6 . Pre-petition: Gather Your Case
7 . Contact the Treating Physician
8 . Prepare the Pleadings
9 . Petition Contents
10 . Temporary ( Immediate) Guardianship
11 . Notice of Proceedings
12 . Preparing for Hearing: For Petitioner
13 . Preparing for Hearing: For Protected Person (Defense)
1 4 . The Hearing
15 . The Order
16 . Bond: Security for Faithful & Honest Performance by Conservator
17 . Post Decree Follow-up
18 . Guardianship, Like Powers of Attorney, Terminates on Death
19 . Summary Proceedings with the P P's consent


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